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          Youth Transformation Center was established as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2006 to deliver high impact prevention and intervention programs that promote restorative discipline, inclusivity, academic achievement, character development and leadership in youth.  We work primarily with youth considered at-risk who may be attending an alternative school, have had multiple discipline issues, or who lack direction.  We inspire these youth to take charge of their lives in order to reach their full potential on their road to responsible and productive adulthood.
          Schools today are highly focused on academic achievement, but, in the process, they have diminished the value of character building, life skills and social skill development.  This leaves a significant void and a growing demand, particularly by the workforce, for supplemental programming that addresses these important life issues that are foundational to a youth’s success in the world.  Our programs create the kind of synergistic results that yield the balanced “whole child” while complementing the school and district goals toward academic effectiveness. 


           Restorative Classroom Management for Schools.  A cadre of practical tools for educators that can be applied to address discipline issues such as interpersonal conflicts, bullying, mean-girl aggression, sexting, sextortion, substance abuse, and climates of disrespect that interfere with an effective learning environment.  Tools include the model of Restorative Practices recommended by Colorado legislation (HB 11-1032) that has the power to reduce discipline problems in schools by 50-75%, avoids pushing our children out of school, and keeps them from becoming embroiled in the justice system.
Boomerang Motivational Workshop for Teens.  An experiential goal-setting and character-building workshop for middle school and high school aged youth that gives them vital direction in life.  Participants take a self-inventory of their natural strengths and talents, explore relational career options, and have fun roleplaying appropriate social skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills.  Students leave with a powerful action plan for life, tools for success, and a sense of urgency to get started.  In turn, these young people leave risky behaviors behind, become leaders and positive peer role models at school, and take the high road to a productive future and economic self-sufficiency.  
~    If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette Holtham, President of Youth Transformation Center at (719) 440-1983.    ~ 

  • INSPIRES youth to see school as relevant to getting what they want in life.

  • EMPOWERS youth as leaders.

  • GENERATES a desire to reach their full potential.

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Photo credits:  Randy Rocha, Harrison School District


Ten Surefire Ways to Transform Troubled Youth

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Taking Restorative Justice to Schools: A Doorway to Discipline

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  • REDUCES discipline problems by 50-80%.

  • INCREASES teaching and classroom learning time.

  • REDUCES teacher burnout.

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