Photos of participants in Youth Transformation Center programs.  From left 1) Superintendent of Harrison SD-2 Dr. Andre Spencer; 2) Jeannette Holtham (president of YTC) with student of Career Readiness Academy; 3) State Representative Pete Lee with students from Career Readiness Academy; 4) Amanda, Jennifer and Laurie at Life Skills Center; 5) Taiko Society drummers; 6) Tamara and Erik at Life Skills Center.  Most photos taken by Stinton Studios, Debra Stinton Othitis 


Could you have fun as a talent show planner?  Maybe a talent scout, stage manager, ticket taker, greeter, artist, program designer, or talent judge?  Join us as we plan the 2016 YOUTH TALENT SHOWCASE for 14 to 18 year-old performers scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2016 (7:00-9:00 pm) to be held at Colorado College Armstrong Hall in Colorado Springs, Colorado!  Don't wait!  Send us an email ( or use the contact form on the "Talent Show" page, or just pick up the phone and call us (719) 440-1983.   Help us make this a transformational event!

Now is the time to help our youth reach their full potential!  Sometimes it's just a matter of believing in them and helping them to believe in themselves!

Are YOU ready to make a difference?  We'd love to have you join our team of volunteers!

Expectations/Commitments of Volunteers

Provide a recent (within 2 years) background check through CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) available through any police department.  The report should be sent to Youth Transformation Center, 3673 Golf Course View #203, Colorado Springs, CO 80922.

Get trained as a volunteer to serve on our restorative justice team of community members.  Email us or use our contact form and we will let you know dates and times for the training.

Agree to adhere to Youth Transformation Center’s Child Protection Policy (below).

Have the spirit and demeanor of a responsible, caring adult who is committed to and excited about helping youth succeed and reach their full potential.

Prepare to have fun and be inspired as you witness transformation in action!

Youth Transformation Center



Youth Transformation Center is fully committed to the care, support and welfare of each child and young adult participating in our programs as well as our adult staff and volunteers.  

Background checks are required for all staff and volunteers along with personal and professional references that will be carefully checked.

All staff and volunteers must be trained to recognize signs of child abuse or neglect.

Any and all suspicions or allegations of child abuse by adult staff or volunteers or other parties must be reported immediately to the Youth Transformation Center board of directors as well as appropriate law enforcement agencies.This includes verbal, emotional, and physical abuse of any kind.

No single adult staff or volunteer member may be alone with any one student at any time at any location including transport to and from an organization location or event.

No adult staff or volunteer member may transport any youth to or from a business-related event without written consent from a parent or guardian.

Photography of youth may be used for business purposes only and only with written permission from parents or guardians.